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The Factors of Evacuation Decisions for Local Governments and Inhabitants in Debris-Flow Potential Areas


陳振宇(Chen-Yu Chen)

Key Words

疏散避難 ; 決策 ; 地方政府 ; 土石流 ; Evacuation ; decision making ; local government ; debris flow ; AHP



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44卷2期(2013 / 06 / 01)

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165 - 178

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Owing to the limitations of disaster warning accuracy, time constrains and many uncertainties, deciding how to evacuate the inhabitants living in debris-flow potential areas in timely manner and reduce the risk of casualties has become a difficult decision for local governments during typhoons or heavy rainfall. Based on pair-wise comparison and the analytic hierarchy process, this study showed the significant difference between evacuation decisions for local governments at different levels and locations, and established preliminarily evacuation decision-making models. The findings also indicated that using only single disaster warning system is not enough to assist local governments in making evacuation decisions, and establishing a evacuation decision support system should be one of the priorities in future disaster prevention actions. The results of this study not only provide a strategy for strengthening disaster prevention but also offer a foundation for refining existing disaster warning systems and developing an evacuation decision support system.

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