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The External and Internal Factors of Urban Parks Associated with Physical Activity and Health of Residents




江彥政(Yen-Cheng Chiang)

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公園鄰近度 ; 支持性環境 ; 遊憩設施 ; 戶外遊憩 ; 散步 ; Park proximity ; Supportive environment ; Recreation facilities ; Outdoor recreation ; Walking



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32卷3期(2019 / 09 / 01)

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1 - 29

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Urban parks are outdoor activity spaces that provide residents with beneficial environments and improved public health. In recent years, poor accessibility to urban parks, insufficient recreational facilities, a lack of management and maintenance, deteriorating facilities, and insufficient security measures. For residents, the problems in these two dimensions pose barriers to using the parks, thereby reducing their frequency of use, and influencing their physical activity level and health. Therefore, The purpose of this study is to explore the influence that urban parks and green spaces have on people's physical activity level and health status based on the perspectives of external (planning) and internal (design) factors. This study is conducted in Chaiyi City, with the researched locations including all parks in Chiayi City. This study used geographic information system overlays, site investigations, and questionnaire methods to collect data. We had 870 valid samples in this study. The results showed that as park distance decreased, resident's physical activity increased. More facilities and more amenities in parks can increase physical activity. Furthermore, higher physical activity results in better health. The results of this study can provide urban park planners and designers with references regarding location establishment and facility design to increase people's use frequency, and to improve their physical activity level and health.

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