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The Affective Bonds of Islanders - A Case Study of Wang-an (Bāng-uann) Township




張朝勝(Chao-Sheng Chang);李光中(Kuang-Chung Lee)

Key Words

地方感 ; 情感鍵結 ; 島嶼 ; 自然保護區 ; 依戀 ; Sense of place ; Affective bond ; Island ; Protected area ; Attachment



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32卷3期(2019 / 09 / 01)

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61 - 100

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This study explores the interaction between islanders and islands from a perspective of 'sense of place.' The islands of Wang-an Township of Penghu County include Ba-Jau Island, Dongyuping, Siyuping, Dongjiyu and Sijiyu as research areas. Qualitative methods were employed to conduct participant observation of the areas and in-depth interviews with 48 islanders during 2012-2017. The results can be discussed from two aspects, namely, emotional and spatial. In term of the emotional aspect, this study noted a spectrum of positive-to-negative feelings including 'attachment,' 'shelter,' 'suit,' 'livelihood,' 'imprison' and 'alienation.' Regarding the spatial aspect, a bond pattern, in relation to the residence frequency on the islands, shows a spectrum of remaining on, travelling around and leaving the islands. This study highlighted islanders' diverse emotions toward their islands and enriched the rigid concept of space through the islanders' emotions and their sense of place in relation to the natural protected areas.

Topic Category 人文學 > 地理及區域研究
社會科學 > 體育學