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Using Means-End Chain to Explore the Benefits, Experiences, and Values of Hakka Cultural Tourism




戴有德(You-De Dai);彭椿蓉(Chun-Jung Peng);莊文隆(Wen-Long Zhuang);陳冠仰(Kuan-Yang Chen);王琳鈺(Lin-Yu Wang)

Key Words

客家 ; 文化觀光 ; 方法目的鏈 ; 體驗 ; 價值 ; Hakka ; Cultural tourism ; Means-end chain ; Experience ; Value



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32卷4期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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25 - 54

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This study examines the cultural tourists in the Hakka area to identify how they benefit from cultural tourism and to determine how their personal values are linked to such tourism, which generates an experience and value consistent with their expectations. This research uses means-end chain as the theoretical basis, exploring the process of how Hakka cultural tourists acquire value. By means of in-depth face-to-face interviews and network communication software, the study identifies the visitors' most abstract values of Hakka cultural tourism that are close to their hearts, which include seven attributes (tung blossom, Hakka cuisine, Hakka architecture, handicrafts, folk customs, ethnic spirit, and natural scenery), eight consequences (kindness, pleasure, relaxation, fresh and interesting, happiness and satisfaction, understanding the local, nostalgia, historical significance), and nine values (knowledge boost, friendship enhancement, unforgettable memories, family harmony, calm mind, revisiting, enriching life, cultural identity, and life force).

Topic Category 人文學 > 地理及區域研究
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