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Campers' Participation Behavior Model -Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior




郭彰仁(Chang-Jen Kuo)

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露營 ; 遊憩專門化 ; 環境支應性 ; 南北差異 ; Camping ; Recreational specialization ; Environmental affordances ; North-south differences



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32卷4期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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55 - 89

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In Taiwan, the population participating in camping activities has increased in recent years. The style, space, commodities, and equipment for camping activities continues to evolve and develop in different ways. Nowadays, there are many types of campsites from which the camper can choose. The space, infrastructure, natural environment, and tourist resorts are factors that influence our perceptions, feelings, and interactive behavior towards the environment when it comes to camping activities. Past research has discussed the recreational specialization for the camper and the environment affordance perception of camping sites. However, this study analyses how the participant behavior of the camper is influenced by the affordance perception of campsites based on the differences between the south and north of Taiwan. Furthermore, we examine whether the camper with different recreational specializations produces non-identical affordance perceptions. Last, we establish the participant behavior of the camper in relation to the Theory of Planned Behavior to compare the difference between the people in the south and north of Taiwan. Via a questionnaire survey and modification theory, we also verified the behavior model of camping activity participation to show the differences between southern and northern Taiwan. The behavior model provides suggestions on how to improve the quality of campsites and to advise relevant industries regarding their management and marketing strategies.

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