Delayed-onset Right Diaphragmatic Hernia of Newborn after Group B Streptococcal Pneumonia: A Case Report

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黃士傑(Shih-Chieh Huang);施焄鏻(Shin-Lin Shih);劉育朋(Yu-Peng Liu);楊斐適(Fei-Shih Yang)

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35卷4期(2010 / 12 / 01)

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237 - 240

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A term, male newborn presented with severe respiratory distress and hypoxia 20 hours after delivery. Group B streptococcal (GBS) sepsis and pneumonia were diagnosed on postnatal day 2, and the patient was treated with antibiotics and mechanical ventilation. Extubation was performed on postnatal day 19, but the baby's respiratory status deteriorated. Herniation of bowel loops into the right thorax was subsequently confirmed by barium study on postnatal day 26. The infant was operated on and recovered. This case illustrates the importance of considering this unusual entity. Early recognition will help avoid dangerous procedures such as thoracentesis, at the same time permitting early treatment that is associated with a good outcome.

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