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Intradermal Nevus of the External Auditory Canal




陳建志(Jiann-Jy Chen);周建聖(Jiann-Shang Chou);魏銘華(Ming-Hua Wei);張旭宗(Hsu-Tsung Chang);簡德源(Der-Yuan Chian)

Key Words

真皮性痣瘤 ; 外耳道 ; intradermal nevus ; external auditory canal



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41卷5期(2006 / 10 / 01)

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165 - 168

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Chinese Abstract

痣瘤(nevus)是相當常見的皮膚良性腫瘤,但是發生於外耳道(external auditory canal)者相當罕見,相關的文獻很少。我們提出一42歲女性,因為左側耳悶、耳漲及聽力障礙兩週而求診,理學檢查發現左側外耳道棕色腫瘤合併耳垢栓塞,純音聽力檢查顯示左側傳導性聽障,術前顯影劑增強高解析度顳骨電腦斷層檢查顯示左側外耳道軟骨性壁上方連著一顆無顯影增強、息肉樣的腫瘤。在手術顯微鏡下經外耳道切除此6×5×4 mm的腫瘤,術中冰凍切片無惡性發現,術後組織病理切片檢查為真皮性痣瘤(intradermal nevus)。外耳道痣瘤如同其他外耳道良性腫瘤一樣,會逐漸長大堵塞外耳道,引起傳導性聽障,因此需要手術切除,切除時宜預留安全邊緣。

English Abstract

Nevus is a common skin tumor, but nevus of the external auditory canal (EAC nevus) is a rare curiosity in the English medical literature as well as in the Taiwanese medical literature. A 42-year-old female patient presented with left ear fullness and hearing blockage for 2 weeks. A left EAC brownish tan tumor with impacted cerumen was noted on physical examination. Pure tone audiometry showed left conductive hearing loss. Before surgery, contrast-enhanced high resolution computed tomography (CEHRCT) of the temporal bone revealed a non-enhanced polypoid tumor connected to the superior wall of left cartilaginous EAC. A tumor measuring 6×5×4 mm in size was excised under the operating microscope and a frozen section showed no evidence of malignancy. The final pathological report showed an intradermal nevus. EAC nevus is able to grow gradually and eventually obstruct the EAC. Based on this, a complete resection with a safe margin is the treatment of choice.

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