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Acute Frontal Sinusitis Complicated with Pott's Puffy Tumor-Case Report




何承宇(Chen-Yu Ho);呂宇城(Yu-Cheng Lu)

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Pott's puffy tumor ; frontal sinusitis ; subperiosteal abscess(波特氏額頭膨腫 ; 額竇炎 ; 骨膜下膿瘍) ; Pott's puffy tumor ; frontal sinusitis ; subperiosteal abscess



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53卷4期(2018 / 12 / 01)

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167 - 170

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Chinese Abstract

額竇炎併發之額骨骨髓炎被稱之波特氏額頭膨腫(Pott's puffy tumor)。臨床表現爲:在額骨下膿蓄積,產生膨鬆腫脹,並可能進而產生顱骨周圍骨膜下膿瘍、眼眶周圍膿瘍、或是硬膜外膿瘍。診斷方式為電腦斷層,而核磁共振是用來排除顱内侵犯及侵犯深度的最好工具。常見的致病菌爲多重菌種,包括格蘭氏陽性桿菌及厭氧菌。治療方式為靜脈注射抗生素及膿瘍引流,必要時移除感染之骨頭。

English Abstract

Pott's puffy tumor (PTT) is characterized by frontal bone osteomyelitis resulting from frontal sinusitis. It presents clinically as fluctuate swelling of the frontal bone due to abscess formation, which may include subperiosteal abscesses, periorbital abscesses, or epidural abscesses. Contrast-enhanced CT is the most appropriate imaging method for the diagnosis of PPT, and MRI provides a more detailed description of the extent of the disease. Common pathogens include multiple strains, such as Gram-positive bacillus and Anaerobic bacteria. Treatment with intravenous antibiotics, incision, and drainage are of crucial importance. Also, it is sometimes necessary to remove the infected bone.

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