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A Study of Using Two Devices to Evaluate the Gravel Volume: UAV and Laser Scanner




田坤國(Kun-Kuo Tien);蔡佳勳(Chia-Hsun Tsai);林冠甫(Kuan-Fu Lin)

Key Words

無人飛行載具 ; 雷射掃描儀 ; 砂石堆體積 ; UAV ; Laser Scanner ; Gavels Volume



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22卷2期(2017 / 06 / 01)

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127 - 136

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Chinese Abstract

本研究以無人飛行載具(UAV)及雷射掃描儀對同一砂石堆進行體積評估,藉以比較兩者在測量精度、設備成本及作業時間之差異,並探討地面控制點及UAV 拍攝方式對砂石堆體積評估之影響。研究結果顯示,應用UAV 結合多視角建模技術與雷射掃描儀進行砂石堆體積評估,兩者分析結果差異在5%以內,但雷射掃描儀相較於UAV 航拍所需的設備經費高、資料蒐集時間長、資料後處理耗時且電腦設備需求極高,相較之下採用UAV 航拍方式,在無地面控制點的情況下,亦可獲得砂石堆的體積評估結果惟誤差較大,建議至少採用3 處控制點以獲得較佳之體積評估成果。而採用垂直航拍方式之作業時間短,航線規劃較容易,較適合於大面積砂石堆體積評估。

English Abstract

This paper focuses on the comparison of evaluating the volume of gravel by using two different devices: UAV and Laser Scanner. The research result indicates that the difference between the volume of gravel measured by UAV analysis of multi-view modeling technology and Laser Scanner is less than 5%. In addition, our research result also reveals that UAV has the greater advantages than Laser Scanner on surveying the topography when considering the budgets of equipment and data processing time. The two biggest drawbacks of Laser Scanner are the high demand for computer equipment and the longer data collecting and processing time. In contrast, UAV can provide acceptable surveying results in a more efficient, accurate, and economic way. We recommend using three ground control points to obtain good evaluating results for the volume of gravel.

Topic Category 工程學 > 交通運輸工程