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The Spirituality for Primary Caregivers of Patients with Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation




游偲翌(Szu-I Yu);許雅慧(Ya-Hui Hsu);陳玉珍(Yu-Chen Chen);張光喜(Kuang-His Chang);范洪春(Hueng-Chuen Fan)

Key Words

靈性 ; 長期呼吸器依賴病患 ; 主要照顧者 ; spirituality ; prolong mechanical ventilation ; primary caregivers



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23卷4期(2019 / 07 / 25)

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425 - 433

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Chinese Abstract

長期呼吸器依賴患者(prolong mechanical ventilation,PMV)常有高程度的憂鬱及低自尊,且無法表達其內心的痛苦,而家屬所承受之心靈痛苦及壓力並不亞於病患。故本文運用問卷進行調查,進而探討PMV家屬之心靈狀況,適時給予關懷與輔導。本研究運用橫斷式設計,問卷內容包括四大部分:生命的目的和意義(purpose and meaning in life)、內心的應變力(innerness or inner resources)、天地萬物的一體感(unifying interconnectedness)及超越性(transcendence)。採用卡方與T檢定及Kruskal- Wallis無母數檢定分析。73%接受問卷調查結果顯示:主要年齡分佈主要為45-54歲(28%),在「超越性」平均分數偏低(2.00〜3.45);而「生命的目的和意義」平均分數偏高(3.22〜4.50)。受訪者之靈性健康需求在生命的目的和意義(purpose and meaning in life)、內心的應變力(innerness or inner resources)、天地萬物的一體感(unifying interconnectedness)及超越性(transcendence)皆有顯著的差異,故靈性健康賦予照顧者對自己的價值及意義,逐漸實踐屬於自己的生命意義,對一個主要照顧者是非常重要的。

English Abstract

Patients with prolong mechanical ventilation (PMV) often have a high degree of depression and low self-esteem and cannot express its inner pain, their family's mental pain and stress are no less than these patients. The study uses the questionnaire to investigate the spirituality of the family. Explore the mental condition and provide care and counseling for primary caregivers of PMV patients. This study uses a cross-section design. The questionnaire consists of four parts: self-worth, control of the world, the world of justice, and the world of security. The chi-square and t-test and Kruskal-Wallis were used for the analysis without parental number. 73% of the survey results showed that the main age distribution was mainly 45-54 years old (28%), the average score in "Transcendence" was low (2.00~3.45), and the average score of "Purpose and Meaning in Life" was high (3.22~4.50). Respondents' spiritual health needs are significantly different in Purpose and Meaning in Life, Innerness or Inner Resources, and Unifying Interconnectedness. Therefore, spiritual health gives caregivers their own value and meaning of life.

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