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Effects of Exercise or Physical Activity Intervention in the Elders with Metabolic Syndrome


黃文亞(Wen-Yat Huang);吳英黛(Ying-Tai Wu)

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代謝症候群 ; 老年人 ; 運動 ; 身體活動 ; 生活型態改變 ; Metabolic syndrome ; Elderly ; Exercise ; Physical activity ; Lifestyle modification



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38卷2期(2013 / 06 / 01)

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163 - 171

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Chinese Abstract

代謝症候群指的是代謝危險因子有關的聚集,會增加罹患心血管疾病、心肌硬塞、中風和心血管疾病死亡率的相對風險。我國2008年最新統計其盛行率隨著年齡的增加有明顯上升的趨勢,在台灣男性,≧65歲者之盛行率為44.5%,老年女性之盛行率則為57.3 %,是非傳染性慢性疾病中極為重要的議題。本文簡介老年代謝症候群患者之流行病學、並以實證醫學的角度,探討運動訓練或身體活動對老年代謝症候群患者代謝危險因子改善的效果。文獻中多以有氧合併阻力運動訓練、有氧運動訓練、身體活動訓練或生活型態改變方式介入,在訓練強度上與相對年輕的族群相近,結果顯示可改善老年患者一些代謝危險因子,然而各研究介入時間及計畫不一,致成效並未一致。未來仍需更多長期追蹤的研究以探討和證實老年代謝症候群患者運動訓練的療效。

English Abstract

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a gather of metabolic risks that increases the relative risk of morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infarction, and stroke. The prevalence of MetS increases with age. According to the Health and Nutrition Survey for Taiwanese in the year of 2008, the prevalence of MetS was 44 .5% for men and 57.3% for women who were aged ≧ 65 years. This article briefly introduced the epidemiology of MetS in the elderly and discussed the effectiveness of exercise/physical activity interventions on the metabolic risk factors in the older adults ≧ 60 years). The interventions included combined resistance and aerobic exercise training, aerobic exercise, physical activity, and lifestyle modification, similar to those for younger population. Inconsistent improvements in the metabolic risks were noted. This might contribute to the differences among the interventions in exercise mode, duration, frequency, intensity, and the subject's characteristics. More studies with long-term follow-ups are needed for the efficacy of these interventions in the elderly patients with MetS.

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