On Nominalizations in Paiwan

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湯志真(Jane Chih-Chen Tang)

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名物化 ; 結果名詞 ; 動名詞 ; 關係子句 ; 排灣語 ; 台灣南島語 ; nominalization ; result nouns ; gerunds ; relativization ; Paiwan ; Formosan languages



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3卷2期(2002 / 04 / 01)

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283 - 333

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Paiwan exhibits two kinds of nominalization yielding result nouns: the first takes place at the morphological level, the second at the syntactic. Both types of nominal should be distinguished from headless relatives or internally-headed relatives in Paiwan. That the nominalization of result nouns takes place at the syntactic level in languages like Paiwan may be due to the fact that focus/voice markers are required in this kind of nominalization. If so, this would appear to be problematic for Chomsky's (1995) claim that verbal affixation does not occur at the S-Structure.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
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