Nominalization in Tsou

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張雅音(Melody Ya-Yin Chang)

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鄒語 ; 名物化 ; 關係子句 ; 在位關係子句 ; hia-結構 ; Tsou ; nominalization ; relative clause ; internal head relative clause ; relativization



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3卷2期(2002 / 04 / 01)

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335 - 348

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Chinese Abstract

一般而言,名物化結構至少分成派生名物化結構(derived nominals)和動名詞組(gerundives)兩種。杭士基(Chomsky)於1970的文章中更進一步指出這兩種結構的差異主要在於其內部結構的不同:名物化的內部結構是名詞性(nominal),而動名詞組是動詞性(verbal)。任何欲從事名物化的研究,都必須加以考慮這兩種性質的名物化結構。因此,本文寫作的目的有二:其一、本文探究鄒語的這兩種名物化結構。正如所預期的,鄒語的第一種名物化結構顯示名詞性的內部結構,而另一種卻呈現了動詞性的特質。其二、本文更進一步的把鄒語中看似相近的在位關係子句(internal head relative clause)與名物化結構區分開來。

English Abstract

It is well known that languages such as English exhibit at least two types of nominals: gerundive nominals and derived nominals. Chomsky (1970) argues that the distinction of these two types lies mainly on their internal structure. While the internal structure of derived nominals is nominal, the gerundive is verbal. Any study of nominalizations has to consider the two types of nominals. The goal of this paper is thus twofold: (1) to explore the status of these two types of nominals in Tsou, one of which displays nominal properties, while the other displays verbal properties; and (2) to distinguish nominalization from internal headed relativization in Tsou.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
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