Economic Impact Study: The 42nd International Archery Championship




Ping-Kun Chiu;Chiung-Hsia Wang

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Economic Impact ; Archery ; International Archery Championship



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4期(2006 / 11 / 01)

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50 - 65

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English Abstract

Economic impact analysis methods have been widely used in different fields to study the economic influences related to tourism, evaluate the impact of visitors to a sport tournament, and evaluate the economic changes related to income, jobs and transportation. New York City hosted the 42(superscript th) World Archery Championships from July 14-20, 2003, with the finals in Central Park. 81 countries and 581 archers participated in this tournament which had the largest number of participants since the first World Archery Championships in 1931 in Lwow, Poland. The purpose of the 42nd World Archery Championships economic impact study was to determine the broader economic benefits that accumulated in New York City. This paper gives reasons for conducting economic impact studies, gives a taste of archery as an industry, and provides an example of a survey instrument and the types of questions that are important in assessing how the event directly impacts the community. It also provides specific information on the logistics of conducting an economic impact study for an international archery competition. In this research the revised economic impact survey adapted from Crompton (1999) and the Sport Event Economic Impact Evaluation Model (SEEIEM) as developed by Yeh (1997) were utilized to measure these participants and spectators' expenditure in the 42 World Archery Championship. Initially, 222 subjects were randomly sampled from the 612 World Archery Championships participants and on-site spectators. This study found that the spectators, participants, International Archery Federation, and the organizing committee contributed approximately USS 2.46 million in direct spending to the NYC economy. New York City injected US$ 800,000 for this international event. FITA contributed US$255,139 to support this event. The participants contributed approximately US$ 1.41 million to the NYC area. Also, those amounts generated an estimated US$ 5.42 million in total business activity within the NYC area over the championship period. The authors suggested that more media campaigns and expansion of the exhibition ground will help cultivate and enlarge the archery population.

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