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A Study on the Font-creating System of Rare Characters




蔡輝振(Huei-Cheng Tsai)

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罕用字 ; 造字系統 ; 中文字 ; 網際網路 ; 電腦技術 ; Rare characters ; font-creating system ; Chinese character ; Internet ; computer technique



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8期(2009 / 06 / 01)

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123 - 138

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Chinese Abstract

中國文化浩瀚無窮,尤其文字結構之複雜且多的現象,是其他國家所望塵莫及。在中文個人電腦的市場裡,其作業系統大多以Microsoft之windows爲主,而Windows的中文內碼,台灣及香港是以「大五碼(Big-5)」爲主,大陸則以「國標碼(GB)」爲主。台灣發展的Big-5字集,只有一萬三千零五十一個傳統正體字,以及四百零八個符號,雖足供一般使用,但若超出該字集範圍的罕用字,則無法呈現,這是中國文字獨有的現象。偏偏中國文獻資料以古典文獻爲最大宗,內含罕用字特別多,因此罕用字的呈現問題若不能解決,中國文化之美就不能完整的呈現與保存。 目前解決此問題的方法,不外乎採本機電腦造字方式,再透過PDF格式之特性;或轉製圖檔,以插入方式;或罕用字字集下載方式等,來解決網路流通的問題,但這些方法皆有其局限並不盡理想。基此,本文主要係開發一套罕用字造字系統,來適應各種不同的罕見字,並能快速、美觀的產生字體,對於使用端又不會造成困擾,以解決「罕用字呈現」的問題,讓中國文化之美完整的呈現與保存。

English Abstract

China's culture is immense, the complicated and plenty of structure in characters especially. It is that the other countries are too far behind to catch up. In the market for personal computer, it mostly takes the Microsoft Windows as the main operating system. On Windows operating system, the Chinese internal code is Unicode. For example, Big-5 based is common in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and GB is in Mainland. The development in a collection of Big-5 character in Taiwan, it has only thirteen thousand and fifty-one traditional Chinese characters (13,051) and four hundred eight (408) symbols. It is enough to offer general users, but the unique phenomenon in China's characters is that it can't display if it goes beyond the scope. However, the mass of literature in China is classical literature which has a large number of rare characters. Therefore, the China beauty can't be presented and preserved if the recognition of rare characters can't be solved. The solution of the problem is nothing more than to adopt font-creating from local computer, then to forward to the feature of PDF format. Furthermore, it also can convert the word into image and insert the picture into the file. To download rare characters from collection is also the way to solve the circulation problem on Internet. Nevertheless, not all of these solutions are ideal ways because of their limitation. Based on the problem, the purpose of the research is to develop a set of font-creating system for rare characters to adapt different rare words. In this way, it would not disorder the clients, also could produce characters fast and acceptable. Without displaying problem in rare characters, China beauty then can be revealed and preserved completely.

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