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The Meaning and Interpretation of Zhu Xi philosophy on Taiwan Confucianism in the Qing Dynasty




吳進安(Chin-An Wu)

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台灣儒學 ; 朱子 ; 實學 ; Taiwan Confucianism ; Zhu Xi ; practical science



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8期(2009 / 06 / 01)

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53 - 75

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Neo-Confucianism in the Song and Ming Dynasties was an integral part of Chinese philosophy. Zhu Xi academic thought can be thought as the backbone of one of Neo-Confucianism is also a decisive influential philosopher. Taiwan is only Twenty-two years later than the reign of Emperor Kangxi in Ching-Dynasty, but as the imperial examination system, as a Confucian scholar Zhu Xi's thought were not only the official ideology, but also the dissemination of the mainstream of civil Confucianism, Taiwanese Confucianism trend is also formed in this atmosphere, and Zhu Xi Confucianism in Taiwan and the moral principles guiding the interpretation of some of its leading role and the impact of Taiwan's Confucian. And the meaning of Zhu Xi also enriched the content of Confucianism in Taiwan. Taiwanese Confucian study originated from Fujian, the orthodoxy of the succession can be described as a continuation of the Confucian value system and Everbright, Units of Confucian governance through the promotion and advocacy, the Confucian moral principles of inter-depth. However, because of the official Confucian focus on civil service exam system, makes a lively splash of Confucianism live the life of Meteorology and personality can not change out, making the style of Confucianism into the scholar of shallow learning.

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