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On the Secular and Holy Blessings-focusing on the Belief as Represented by the Han Yu Temple at Nei Pu of Ping Dung County, Taiwan




柯萬成(Wan-Cheng Ko)

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韓愈 ; 內埔昌黎祠 ; 韓愈文化祭 ; 福德 ; Han Yu ; Han Yu Temple at Nei Pu ; Han Yu Cultural festival ; Blessing and Happiness



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8期(2009 / 06 / 01)

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77 - 87

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Abstract In the Sung dynasty Han Yu exiled to Chao Zhou and developed culture and education in the province. After his death, people set up temples to worship him. When the people of Chao Zhou immigrated to Taiwan, they followed the tradition, building temples for Han Yu. More often than not, the Han Yu temples in Taiwan are not central temples. Yet the Han Yu temple in Nei Pu of Ping Dung County is the central Han Yu temple in Taiwan and is the particular feature of the area. Since 2001, with the development of tourism, the local government held Han Yu Cultural Festival; but most of the activities are rather focused on the appearances, without penetrating to the cultural meaning of the Festival. This article tries to compare the old and the new couplets posted on the front doors of the temple, explaining the differences and exploring the original meaning of the worship. I propose in the article two kinds of blessing or happiness, namely, the secular and the holy, for the local concerned people's reference.

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