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Assessment of Deep-Seated Landslides Using TCP-InSAR Interferometry


吳若穎(Wu, R.Y.);陳柔妃(Chen, R.F.);尹孝元(Yin, H.Y.);黃效禹(Huang, H.Y.);鄭耕秉(Cheng, K.P.);林慶偉(Lin, C.W.)

Key Words

大規模深層崩塌 ; 時域相關點合成孔徑雷達干涉技術 ; 空載光達影像 ; 地表變形速率 ; 崩塌活動性觀測 ; Deep-Seated landslide ; Temporarily Coherent Point SAR Interferometry (TCP-InSAR) ; Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) ; surface deformation rate ; Monitoring of landslide activity



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11卷1期(2017 / 05 / 01)

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17 - 21

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Chinese Abstract

運用日本衛星雷達影像(ALOS/PALSAR),配合時域相關點合成孔徑雷達干涉技術(Temporarily Coherent Point SAR Interferometry, TCP-InSAR),產製台灣山區大規模深層崩塌區位之地表年平均變形量,配合高精度空載光達影像(Light Detection and Ranging, LiDAR)判釋之崩塌地形特徵,藉以評估大規模深層崩塌之地表變形行為與崩塌類型。利用TCP-InSAR技術在台灣山區可獲取大面積地表變形資訊,可應用於後續細部地工觀測規劃及簡易觀測配置之依據。

English Abstract

ALOS/PALSAR images and TCP-InSAR interferometry are adopted in this study to produce the average annual deformation of deep-seated landslides. The landslide terrain features are then interpreted by high-precision LiDAR mappings to assess the deformation of deep-seat landslides in Taiwan and possibly existing landslide types. A large amount of surface deformation information can be obtained through the average surface deformation produced by TCP-InSAR interferometry and then applied to conduct detailed geotechnical monitoring plan and simple observation configuration.

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工程學 > 市政與環境工程