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Sediment Transport and Life Cycle Construction Managment System Maintainance Project for SWCB Tainan branch


謝宛芝(Wan-Jhih Sie);陳偉強(Win-Chiang Chen);林秉賢(Bing-Shyan Lin);洪政義(Jheng-Yi Hong);洪志祥(Jhih-Siang Hong);蔡易達(I-Ta Tsai)

Key Words

土砂收支 ; 野溪清疏 ; soil sand revenue and expenditure ; river broadening



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12卷1期(2018 / 05 / 01)

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32 - 43

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The plan is to assist the local governments to implement the five stages of reporting, design, execution and completion of the wild creak dredging project and the safety inspection during the flood season as well as the life cycle of Tainan Branch the management system has regularly updated works information, education and training and production of propaganda materials, and has achieved good results. Examining the dredging effect of the wild creak dredging Project handled by the Tainan Branch of the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau for a total period of 2010 to 2016 and handling a total of 369 projects of wild creak dredging, the project plans to take the catchment area as a unit, District, through the concept of soil sand revenue and expenditure review over the years handled wild stream dredging works through flood capacity so far, with Q5 and Q50 as a basis for assessment, evaluation. Among them, there were 27 catchments with good results (over Q50), 14 catchments (average catchment less than Q50) and 5 catch catchments (less than Q5).

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