Fault Tolerance in Interconnection Network-a Survey


Laxminath Tripathy;Devashree Tripathy;C.R. Tripathy

Key Words

DFA property ; dynamic fault-tolerance ; fault model ; interconnection network ; MIN ; static fault tolerance


Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology

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11卷2期(2015 / 09 / 15)

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198 - 214

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English Abstract

Interconnection networks are used to provide communication between processors and memory modules in a parallel computing environment. In the past years, various interconnection networks have been proposed by many researchers. An interconnection network may suffer from mainly two types of faults: link faults and/or switch fault. Many fault tolerant techniques have also been proposed in the literature. This study makes an extensive survey of various methods of fault tolerance for interconnection networks those are used in large scale parallel processing.

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