A New Record and Re-description of Oxyopes sushilae (Araneae, Oxyopidae) in Taiwan

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羅英元(Ying-Yuan Lo);林仲平(Chung-Ping Lin)

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蜘蛛目 ; 貓蛛科 ; 新紀錄 ; 臺灣 ; Araneae ; Oxyopidae ; new record ; Taiwan



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18卷2期(2016 / 04 / 01)

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137 - 144

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Chinese Abstract

本文報導盾形貓蛛(Oxyopes sushilae Tikader, 1965)在臺灣之首次紀錄,並對雌雄個體重新描述和繪圖。本種可由雌蛛外雌器之骨片成盾形、雄蛛觸肢器杯葉基部側面有一鉤狀突起等特徵與它種區別。盾形貓蛛主要分布於臺灣西部中低海拔山區。

English Abstract

Oxyopes sushilae Tikader, 1965 is recorded in Taiwan for the first time. Both male and female of the species are re-described and illustrated here based on the specimens collected in Taoyuan, Miaoli, Nantou, Yunlin and Kaoshiung. The species can be recognized by a sclerotized and shield-like shaped epigynum, and the extension of a conspicuous basal-lateral hamulus process on cymbium of palp organ. This species is mainly distributed from low to medium altitudes of western Taiwan.

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