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Professional Volunteer of Soil and Water Conservation-Interdisciplinary Learning and Sharing


陳正改(Joe, C.K. Chen)

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水土保持 ; 土石流 ; 山坡地 ; 濫墾 ; 志工 ; Soil and Water Conservation ; Debris flow ; hillside ; over-reclamation ; volunteer



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9卷1期(2017 / 02 / 01)

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63 - 83

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Typhoon OFELIA attacked Taiwan and instantly brought torrential rainfall to Hualien and Taitung on June 23th 1990, causing debris flow and heavy casualties. Scholars and experts of disaster prevention explored the stricken region and reached a conclusion that over-reclamation had mainly caused the catastrophe. The Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, therefore, demanded that all city and county governments should recruit volunteers of soil and water conservation so as to advocate concepts for hillside safety such as: "No over-reclamation on the hillside" and "Never grow shallow-rooted plants (e.g., arecas and highland vegetables) on the hillside." The Author has been a member of volunteers of soil and water conservation of Taipei City, and has been invited to be the lecturer of courses on meteorology and on disastrous weather (e.g., typhoons and heavy rain) since 1992. His volunteer partners come from all walks of life and have various expertise. Therefore, he has not only shared his profession but has also acquired interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in this group. Such experience has benefitted him a great deal on his official business as a weather forecaster: enhancing the understanding on the causes and impacts of debris flow as well as on related emergency responses and actions.

Topic Category 工程學 > 市政與環境工程