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Investigating the Influence of Rainfall-Groundwater Relationship on the Slope Stability at Southern Taiwan


黃博寅(Po-Yan Huang);李德河(Der-Her Lee);林宏明(Hung-Ming Lin)

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邊坡穩定 ; 降雨量 ; 地下水位變動 ; GEO STUDIO ; slope stability ; rainfall ; groundwater level change ; GEO STUDIO



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9卷2期(2017 / 08 / 01)

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133 - 146

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Chinese Abstract

為瞭解降雨對不同地質條件的邊坡穩定的影響情形,本研究分別於嘉義縣阿里山公路86k+950處之崩積層邊坡、台南市南橫公路52k+150處之砂頁岩層邊坡以及高雄市藤枝林道01k+800處之頁岩層邊坡選定試驗場址作為代表,此三路段皆位於南部山區重要的交通道路上,其安全性是為用路人首要關心。本研究採集現地地層樣本進行室內試驗,以了解邊坡的地層分佈及其物理性質與力學特性,同時進行滲透試驗,了解在不同岩性之坡體的滲透性。利用地質鑽探、水位井、傾斜觀測管、地電阻建立各試驗邊坡的地層構造,並設立一長期監測系統以觀測可能滑動面深度及範圍。此外並以GEO STUDIO數值模型,依據適當的條件進行數值模擬。進而探討地下水位變動與邊坡穩定性之關係,再結合各邊坡之雨量資料紀錄以探討不同岩性邊坡之降雨量與地下水位變動之關係,最後整合三處試驗邊坡之降雨量-地下水位變動-邊坡穩定性之間的關係,為研究地區建立以降雨量為基礎的邊坡破壞預警系統。

English Abstract

In order to understand the slope stability at different geological conditions affected by rainfall, this research investigates the colluvium slope located at 86k+950 milestone of Ali Mountain Highway in Chiayi Country, the alternating sandstone and shale slope located at 52k+150 milestone of Southern Cross-Island Highway in Tainan City and the shale slope located at 01k+800 milestone of Tengchih Forest Road in Kaohsiung City as the targets for research. These three sites are located at the important traffic road at southern Taiwan. The site stratum sample was collected for laboratory tests to understand the stratum distribution of slope along with its physical properties and mechanics characteristics. Also, a permeation test had been done to understand the permeability of slope body of different lithological properties. The borehole drilling, water well, inclinometers, electrical resistivity tomography test were adopted to generate the stratum model of each test slope, and this monitoring system was established to observe the location and the behavior of the possible sliding plane. Furthermore, the relationship between the change of underground water level and the stability of slope was explored. Then, the rainfall, the underground water influctuation and the stability of slope of the three trial slopes were integrated to establish of a slope failure pre-warning system.

Topic Category 工程學 > 市政與環境工程