The "Modern Greek Maritime Policy", 1953-2018: A Critical Review of Its Legal, Economic and Institutional Framework




Alexandros M. Goulielmos

Key Words

Greek Flag Legal Framework ; Law 2687/1953 Article 13 ; Law 27/1975 and 1376/1983 ; Tonnage Taxation ; Ship Approval Registration Action-Terms and Conditions till Early 2018


Modern Economy

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9卷7期(2018 / 07 / 01)

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1190 - 1212

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Chinese Abstract

We showed analytically the legal framework, which Greek flag administration established since 01/01/1953 with the long celebrated law of 2687/1953 for ships greater than 1500 GRT. All Greeks believe that this institutional framework contributed a lot to the expansion of Greek-flagged shipping. We also presented the tonnage tax payable by a Greek-flagged ship, with suggestions to modify it in a more proper manner. We dissolved the myth that Greek flag is a quasi or a flag-of-convenience, where ships do not pay taxes. We have stressed a number of facts: 1) the role that a Government plays vis-a-vis national shipping; 2) the freedom of actions which shipping needs; 3) the best legal framework required by shipping: in having permanency, being expandable as time goes by, protected by country's constitution, modified to provide more favorable terms and all these are legislated by 2 ministers outside parliament in a fast way to be ahead of any shipping crisis like that in 1981-1987. Law 2687 and "the ship registration approval action" are the products of a long traumatic experience-except in 1946-that Greek-flagged shipping had since 1830 from various governments-including that of El. Venizelos-and from 2 world wars.

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