Evaluating the effect of price and non-price policy intervention on rice cultivation in Sierra Leone: A supply response model approach




Alhaji Mohamed Hamza Conteh;Xiang-Bin Yan

Key Words

Rice ; Imports ; Cultivation ; Cultivators ; Price ; Policy Interventions ; Supply Response Model


Agricultural Sciences

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5卷1期(2014 / 01 / 01)

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51 - 59

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English Abstract

Rice is the main food for over 95 percent of the Sierra Leonean populace. It accounts for the largest portion of the agricultural GDP of the country. On the contrary, its cultivation has been shrinking over the past decades. Consequently, importation now becomes the main source of supplying the grain for local needs since its cultivation or production could no longer meet domestic request. The deterioration in the local cultivation of rice has had severe socio-economic implications such as higher consumer prices and balance of payment burden. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of price and other related nonprice policy intervention on rice cultivation in the country. The tools utilized for analyzing the problem comprise, a coefficient of protection analysis as well as a supply response analysis by means of a time series regression (for the period 1980- 2011). Major limitations established negatively affecting rice output are price disincentives to cultivators, public expenditure and fertilizer consumption. From the above findings, rice cultivators should be accorded the necessary incentives to keep them more effective in the rice cultivation career. The food policy approach that had over the years depended on huge importation of rice should be reviewed in favor of domestic cultivation. Increasing local cultivation through a meaningful protection of cultivators can independently reduce the price of rice to the advantage of the final consumers. This study also recommends that public funds should be redirected away from rice import toward investments in its domestic cultivation.

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