Eco-environmental Restoration and Development of Leisure Tourism of Sea-island Type Tourist Resort-A Case study of Marine Ranching in Sanya Wuzhizhou Island




Dan-Ying Song;Jing-Zi Yang

Key Words

Sea-Island Type Tourist Resort ; Ecological Restoration ; Tourist Development ; Marine Ranching


International Leisure Review

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6卷2期(2017 / 12 / 01)

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78 - 87

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Chinese Abstract

As a coastal tourist city located in the southernmost of mainland China, Sanya boasts a rich, unique, and scarce marine, ecological, and climatic natural resources, that become the most attractive tourism elements, as well as the lifeline of Sanya's future development. However, with the rapid development of the tourism industry and the speeding up of urbanization, ecological and environmental stress gradually emerged, posing some influence on coastal water quality and marine ecological system. This paper researched the achievement of ecological restoration reached through construction of marine ranching, breeding coral reef and other measures conducted by the tropical resort island committed to environmental protection with Wuzhizhou island, the first one to build tropical marine ranching in China, as the object of the research. At the same time, assorted marine leisure tourism projects were developed on the premise of ecological restoration, to achieve the sustainable development of tourism. This plays a positive demonstration role for the construction of scenic spots of coastal tourism in China.

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