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"Acting out and Adhering to" Tzu Chi's Buddhist Scriptures-A Case Study of the Implementation of "Community Ethics" in Tzu Chi's Environmental Protection Mission




釋昭慧(Chao-Hwei Shih)

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慈濟環保志業 ; 教證 ; 理證 ; 事證 ; 佛心師志 ; 行入 ; 社區倫理 ; 全球化 ; 在地化 ; Tzu Chi environmental protection mission ; scriptural evidences ; factual proofs ; logical support ; the Buddha's mind and the mentor's will ; acting out and adhering to ; community ethics ; globalization ; localization



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2期(2012 / 10 / 01)

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71 - 86

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Tzu Chi serves as the best example that balances between globalization and localization in its efforts to implement its mission to protect the environment: its environmental protection efforts have been developed as a ”global” mission, while its action to protect the environment has been deeply rooted in its efforts to recycle within all ”local” communities. In turn, such benevolent acts for the environment transform its recycled ”local” resources into ”global” disaster relief items such as its high-tech blankets made from PET bottles.We see in Tzu Chi a successful example that demonstrates how its volunteers carry out their ”community practice ethics” through a series of local environmental protection operations to recycle and process all kinds of resources. The whole set of operational mechanism produces concrete healing results for the body, mind, and spirit of individuals, their families, the whole society, and even the earth. Its overall benefits cannot be measured or described with precise quantitative terms.Thus, with a double identity as ”a Buddhist insider” and ”a Tzu Chi outsider,” the author shall map out the logical and dialectical connections between ”religion” and ”environmental protection,” connections among scriptural evidences, factual proofs, and logical support, connections among ”the Buddha's mind,” ”the mentor's will,” and ”the paths of ourselves,” connections between ”insiders” and ”outsiders,” as well as the connections between ”globalization” and ”localization.”

Topic Category 人文學 > 宗教學