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Study on Humanities out of Campus: Zhongshan North Road from Perspective of General Education




紀俊龍(Jun-Long Ji);高皓庭(Hao-Ting Kao)

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中山北路 ; 通識教育 ; 公民素養 ; 社區資源 ; 終身學習 ; 走讀 ; Zhongshan North Road ; General Education ; Civic literacy ; Community Resources ; Lifelong learning ; Footprints



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8期(2012 / 07 / 01)

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47 - 77

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General Education in Taiwan's universities nowadays entails with ultimate objective: to establish its own distinctive features as well as to enhance the practice of "Holistic Education" at school. Intended for such purpose, all universities and colleges have all vehemently strived to meet the criterion of the new challenge. For Tatung University, especially, it has been further extended into a whole new realm based on the current school practice-the campus and the nearby extension landscape as the working core for the humanity and natural courses of General Education. This new range of such course, addressed "Footprints of Zhongshan North Road" will set its foot along Zhongshan North Road and the environment in proximity, a wider range compared with the previous area planned. With the motivation to reach idealism for General Education, this article will take into consideration the course design concept aiming at relevant historic and cultural aspects regarding the geo-cultural characteristics around this specific area. Moreover, the connection between the themes selected and the concept of the course will, undoubtedly, be put into such reflection as a whole. Lastly, This course, Footprints of Zhongshan North Road, will additionally involve a formatted concept in which-the people, communities, resources, location, civil literacy and life-long learning-are placed into this combination, not merely for students taking this course, but for an optimal win-win situation as well, from the campus to the community; from individuals to the groups; and from the limited resources to the open sharing ones on this land, living up, to the full, the true meaning of "Holistic Education."

Topic Category 人文學 > 人文學綜合
社會科學 > 社會科學綜合
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