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Toward a Manpower Logistics Framework in Emergency Situations: A Case Study of Tzu Chi Foundation


黃建榮(Chien-Jung Huang);余德成(Te-Cheng Yu);陳美良(Mei-Liang Chen)

Key Words

緊急運籌 ; 人力運籌 ; 資源基礎論 ; 人力資本論 ; 交易成本論 ; Emergency logistics management ; Manpower logistics ; Transaction cost economics ; Human capital theory ; Resource-based theory



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34期:人文與生活應用特刊(2014 / 07 / 01)

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1081 - 1101

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The purpose of this study is to integrate the viewpoints of emergency logistics management, transaction cost economics, human capital theory and resource-based theory to be a basis for the manpower logistics system in emergency logistics management. Owing to the Tzu Chi Foundation's streamlined rescue in the earthquake of September 21th, 1999, the researcher will join it to be a volunteer and from the face to face interview to collect qualitative data. Case study is conducted in this research to explore the architecture of manpower logistics. Theoretical and practical implications of this research will provide recommendations and benefit the development of human resource management in practices.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 社會科學綜合