利用Arduino 資料擷取裝置之脈搏感測器系統

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Pulse Sensor System Based on Arduino Data Acquiring Device



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脈搏感測 ; 長照 ; Arduino ; ThingSpeak ; pulse sensor ; long-term care



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Chinese Abstract

行政院衛生福利部提出的「長期照顧服務法」在立法院通過之後,讓已經試辦十年的長照,正式進入了長照2.0時代。本篇論文「利用Arduino 資料擷取裝置之脈搏感測器系統」之目的為將受測者可以透過上述感測器擷取心跳速資料,將受測者目前的心跳以圖表及數據方式呈現出來,本系統係藉由Arduino Uno 硬體、Arduino Wi-Fi擴充元件及脈搏感測器,透過網路方式可將脈搏資料上傳至ThingSpeak網頁頁面;接收端人員或監看人員可以透過網路方式即時監看受測者脈搏資料,將所蒐集資料交由醫護人員或醫院作為資料庫分析運用的,後續應用發展可將模組化縮小進而應用於現今流行的穿戴式裝置,亦可以結合其他感測元件例如溫度感測元件來顯示目前人員所在的環境狀況而產生的心律情形做為後續應用。如此相關醫療人員或機構建立受測者資料庫分析,進而達到照顧及相關醫療之目的。

English Abstract

After the long-term care service law from the Ministry of Health and Welfare passed by the Legislative Yuan, the era of ten-year long-term care trial has officially begun. The purpose of this paper entitled“Pulse sensor system based on Arduino data acquiring device”is for participants who can use the sensor system to gather pulse data, and display the collected data through diagrams and statistics. This system uploads pulse data to ThingSpeak website by Arduino Uno hardware, Arduino Wi-Fi board, and pulse sensor. The receiving end can monitor participants 'pulse data through Internet instantaneously. Furthermore, the gathered data can be analyzed by medical staff and the database can be constructed by hospitals. The follow-up application development can condense the module to become a wearable device, or combine other sensing elements such as thermo sensor to show the conditions of what participants are according to their heart rates. Medical staff or organization can analyze relative data and build database of participants, and therefore accomplish the prospect of Medicare.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 資訊科學
電機資訊學院 > 資訊工程學系
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