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Analysis of Jump Spike Serve from the Development of the Serve of Volleyball


解德春(Te-Chun Chieh);洪至祥(Chih-Hsiang Hung);盧美麗(Mei-Li Lu)

Key Words

排球運動 ; 拋球 ; 跳躍發球 ; volleyball toss ; jump spike serve



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12期(2014 / 06 / 01)

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27 - 38

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Objective: The article aims to understand the tendency of the serve development of volleyball through the collected literature. A Volleyball game must start with a serve, which triggers the fire of war. In the Rally Point System, a serve can either cost a point or earn a point Result: Nowadays Jump Spike Serve has become a popular serve way for volleyball players. What's more, in addition to the run-up, the height and the stability of the tossed ball also serve as significant factors to control the power. Despite the fact that serves have become diverse, they play a vital role to determine victory or defeat. Conclusion: To accommodate the trend of volleyball, there are needs to emphasize the study and the training of Jump Spike Serve so as to fortify players and thus achieve a triumph.

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