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The Review of Promoting 2017 Debris Flow Disaster Prevention Exercise in Pingtong County


陳淑慈(Shu-Tzu Chen);許美雪(Mei-Hsueh Hsu);陳昆武(Kun-Wu Cheng);孫宗佐(Chung-Zuo Sun);許中立(Chung-Li Hsu)

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土石流 ; 防災演練 ; 社區自主防災 ; Debris flow ; Prevention exercise ; Disaster prevention for community



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16卷2期(2017 / 12 / 01)

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11 - 28

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Pingtung County large-scale disaster prevention exercise relief again in this year at the Lili Village of Kasugagu Township after 14 years. Although the theme of this exercise is "debris flow" but still combined with the storm, nuclear disaster, intermediation and relief, preventive evacuation and take refuge evacuation, landslide lake alert, resettlement, avian flu epidemic control and other issue. Of course compared to the Pingtung County first large-scale debris flow disaster prevention exercises is quite different. The prevention exercise was smooth and successful completion depending on various organs actively cooperate and fully mobilization to support, thus accessed praise from the guests and visitors. By the exercise process can found promoting to strength the community self-disaster prevention works of bass level has been the initial prototype in recently, but limited by the support and the counseling manpower and capacity constraints, so it cannot play and implement effectively. Recently with the army tactical adjustment, reduced troops, shorten the service period, fear of disaster relief support manpower due to continuous personnel streamlining and may interfere with the normal forces of the training and combat readinessi n the future. Therefore, it is suggested that the equivalent manpower and training mechanism can be replaced by the equivalent service, and the sources of excess and the public welfare can be emphasized. Accommodation arrangements have always been the focus of disaster prevention exercises, the proposal should allow the government's ability to use in the provision of emergency and basic needs, as far as possible integration and media associations and charitable organizations, strengthen private participation in major disaster relief and late long-term resettlement disposal capacity.

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