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Study on Simulation and Optimization for Resources-constrained Engineering Schedule Including Disruption Events



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工程进度 ; 资源约束 ; 仿真优化 ; 干扰事件 ; engineering schedule ; resources-constrained ; simulation optimization ; disruption event



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2017年 10期(2017 / 06 / 06)

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74 - 77

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There are big space-time span and many disruption factors for linear hydraulic engineering. On the one hand, the disruption events will cause the project construction schedule delay, on the other hand, it provide the possibility for the contractor to adjust the construction work in a timely manner because of big space-time span, so there is simulation optimization problem for resources-constrained engineering schedule Including disruption events. This paper first analyzes the basic train of thought to solve the problem and then built the simulation optimization model for resource-constrained project scheduling, finally the analysis of engineering examples verify the validity of the model. The analysis methods and simulation optimization model could be used to provide the reference for predicting impact of disruption events on engineering progress and handling engineering schedule delay claim.

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