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Characteristics of Mine Debris Flow and Countermeasures for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation



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泥石流 ; 成因 ; 特点 ; 防灾 ; 价值应用 ; debris flow ; cause ; characteristics ; disaster prevention ; VALUE APPLICATION



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2017年 19期(2017 / 07 / 13)

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228 - 230

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Debris flow disaster is abrupt and destructive, and it seriously threatens the safety of life and property of the people. There are many reasons for the debris flow, and the mine debris flow is mostly caused by human factors, mainly because of the unfavorable implementation o the safety requirements in the mining or other operations and unscientific and reasonable discharge of waste rock slag. This paper analyzes the formation conditions, types and hazards of mine debris flow, discusses the unique characteristics of mine debris flow compared with the general debris flow, and gives some concrete measures of disaster prevention and mitigation, to guide the theoretical research and practice of debris flow disaster prevention.

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