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Analysis of Common Problems and Control Measures in Mechanical Maintenance



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机械维修 ; 常见问题 ; 控制措施 ; 价值应用 ; mechanical maintenance ; common problems ; control measures ; VALUE APPLICATION



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2017年 19期(2017 / 07 / 13)

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243 - 245

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In recent years, the industrialization of urban and rural areas are constantly upgrading, with the corresponding mechanization and informatization has also been improved. From the status quo, the production of various industries and daily life are not lack of mechanization as a guarantee, and machinery and equipment constitute the core and key of indispensable industry. In essence, however, the mechanical equipment itself contains more complex internal components, so there are likely to be a variety of failures. Mechanical failure is not conducive to the protection of smooth production, and it may be a serious threat to security. It can be seen, we should pay close attention to the fault situation of all types of machinery and equipment, and in the premise use appropriate measures to repair machinery and equipment. Only to pay attention to mechanical maintenance, can the causes of mechanical failure be eliminated and the normal operation of machinery and equipment be ensured. For the current stage of mechanical maintenance, we should clear the common mechanical failure and its roots and explore feasible measures by combining with the real situation of mechanical operation and mechanical maintenance.

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