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Designing the Universal Type of Drip Irrigation Controller for Suitably Implemented on Irrigation Requirement and Management of Pot Plants in Greenhouses


本文以控制團塊機制論點設計一種在設施內之盆栽植物在週遭環境(日射、溫及相對濕度)交互作用下能滿足水分需求管理的滴灌控制器。本文將設施內盆栽植物在週遭環境交互作用下所產生的動態蒸發散量變化視為一種水份需求的黑盒子,以團塊化盆栽觀點利用蒸發散量荷重變化偵測,去解決植物生理蒸散作用下水份需求與週遭氣候環境交互作用機制下所需多重感測器問題,並採用布林邏輯語言(Boolean logical language)演繹滴灌管理控制程序(deducing the control procedure of drip irrigation management)。本文採用工業上普及使用可程式控制器及其週邊元件設計製作能適用於亞熱帶地區半開放式棚架溫室內盆栽作物環境資訊與滴灌管理的組合控制箱,以滿足容易設定操作及維修之需求。在功能測試中選定合果芋綠精靈及聖誕紅盆栽作物,驗證此一泛用型滴灌控制器之功能,其灌溉水量控制標的與參照標的之抽樣均方根誤差(Root Mean Square Error, RMSE)分別為9.5%及4.5%。此設計泛用型滴灌控制器能適合於設施內盆栽植物灌溉管理需求並不限定僅適用於單一特定盆栽作物。

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In this paper, based on the mechanism endpoint of a controlled lump, the drip irrigation control modules is designed to satisfy water requirement and management of pot plants under interactive mechanism of surrounding environmental conditions such as solar radiation, temperature and relative humidity (RH) in greenhouses. We regard the variation of dynamic evaportranspiration in a pot plant, which is caused from the interactive mechanism of surrounding environmental conditions, as a black box for simply quantifying its water requirement. According to the endpoint of a lumped pot plant, the weight variation is used as a synthetic physical quantity, which is a combined interactive outcome integrating evaportranspiration and ambient environmental factors, that can be measured with a load cell to offer the cost-reduced supervisory apparatus for building the modular drip irrigation controller. We used a programmable logical controller (PLC) associated with its interface devices, which were popular commercial apparatuses widely used in industrial control, to develop a modular control box consisted of environmental sensors and drip irrigation controller for suitably implemented on water requirement and management of pot plants in semi-closed type greenhouses extensively employed in Taiwan. A Boolean logical language was employed to deduce the control procedure of irrigation management to transform into a PLC program. Our developed modular control box was designed to satisfy the requirement of easy operation and maintenance for users. The performance outcomes show that the universal type of drip irrigation controller can satisfactorily command the expected functional requirement for use in various kinds of pot plants.