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Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Contemporary Disaster Management a Case Study on the Tayal Communities' Experience in the Watershed of Shih-Men Reservoir



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To advance the limited abilities in responding to the exacerbating environmental issues in the human society, there are more and more interdisciplinary efforts to bridge the dialogue between indigenous knowledge and modern science. It also becomes a growing concern in the practices of disaster management in the international arena. Aiming to reveal the efforts being made in Taiwan, this paper presents a study conducted in the indigenous Tayal communities located in the watershed of Shih-Men Reservoir, which is suffering the soil and water degradation under rapid climate change. Adopting the methods of literature review, participatory mapping and ethnographical research, this study explores the indigenous knowledge of disaster in the research area, and discusses how such knowledge can be integrated in different dimensions of contemporary disaster management. These dimensions include the identification of disaster, the pre-disaster prevention, the response in disaster, and post-disaster recovery in a conceptual framework. In the end, this study further makes suggestions to the establishment of community-based disaster management regime.


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