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Hierarchical Evaluation Framework for Health and Wellness Destination: A Case in Zhangzhou, China



Zhangzhou ranks first in Fujian Province in terms of the recreation index and has the potential for recreational tourism development. Although many cities in mainland China are present at this stage, no system for evaluating recreational tourism in cities has been developed. The development of recreational tourism should be in line with local conditions. The present study analyzed the case of Zhangzhou, a city that has favorably developed recreational tourism in terms of its available tourism resources. The elements that enable tourism to meet the needs of the current situation were identified and categorized into resource, environment, and development and construction condition factors. The elements were further divided into 7 criteria and 22 index layers on the basis of their characteristics. An expert panel of five, three, four, and four experts respectively from the tourism, medical care, forestry, and ecology industries made decisions. On the basis of their input, an evaluation system for calculating the relative weight values of indices was established. The results revealed that environment (0.462) is the factor that should be assigned the highest priority. According to a comprehensive weight analysis, vegetation coverage (0.168), forest landscapes (0.121), air quality (0.094), organic agriculture (0.069), climate (0.068), and pastoral landscapes (0.067) should also be prioritized. Therefore, health-focused travel and leisure services suitable for four seasons can be developed by utilizing the natural landscapes, environment, and organic agriculture or foods of Zhangzhou.

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醫療保健 康養旅遊 旅遊資源


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