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Cai Qian Pirate Invasion and the Changes in the Tainan Prefecture Society during the Jiaqing Period of the Qing




臺灣 海盜 蔡牽 府城 郊商

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For civil and military officials in Tainan Prefecture, the Jiaqing period of the Qing was unusual. In response to the invasion of Tainan by Cai Qian pirate gang, these officials mobilized manpower, vessels, and funds from Tainan, especially from the wealthy guild merchants inhabited along the coast outside the west side of Tainan city wall. Although these guild merchants had accumulated considerable wealth, their economic strength did not accord with their social status as they were despised by the officials and gentry in the Tainan city. Cai Qian's invasion created an excellent opportunity for these guild merchants to become city dwellers. In order to defend the pirates, with the official permission, they expanded the city wall to enclose their habitations. This expansion of city area signified a conceptual change in space-the scope of walled area of Tainan prefecture, and also suggested the re-delimitation between the walled and coastal area of Tainan. In addition, these guild merchants' economic strength increased and thus they became more powerful in the process of social integration after Cai Qian's invasion. This is because these guild merchants had the legitimacy to mobilize resources from the local society in response to the threat imposed by the pirates, and this practice persisted even after Cai's invasion. Hence, these guild merchants were empowered.

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Taiwan Pirate Cai Qian Tainan Prefecture Guild Merchant


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