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From “Not In My Back Yard” to Policy Advocacy: The Co-empowerment Model between Media and Protests in China



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Some social protests in China are developing from ”Not In My BackYard” to policy advocacy agendas. To explain this rising phenomenon, the research compared four middle class protest cases that erupted in major cities (Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou) of China. Using the case studyand in-depth interviews as the research methods, the paper argued that the new protest pattern is a dynamics of the interplay process and the result of the co-empowerment model between media and protesters. It can be further specified by two variables: one is whether an agenda enters a highlydeveloped civil society-oriented media system; the other is whether policy entrepreneurs strategically use media framing to forge a new movement culture in the agenda. In an ever changing media environment and marketcondition, the co-empowerment model can be exemplified by other social movement, thus the study sheds some light in understanding the constructionof the Chinese civil movement.


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