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Determinants of Working and Retirement Decision Among Seniors in Taiwan-Do NEETs Matter?




退休 啃老子女 性別差異

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Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) refers specifically to young people who have grown up and have the ability to earn a living, but are still financially unable to support themselves and need to rely on their parents. In order to continue to support a NEET at home, do parents change their retirement decision? Given the tradition of a "son preference" in Taiwan, does the sex of a NEET influence parental retirement decision differently? This paper utilizes data from the Taiwan Social Change Survey to empirically examine these questions. The estimation results show that parental working and retirement decision respond differently to the presence of an underage son and the presence of an underage daughter. The estimation results also indicate that parental working and retirement decision indeed respond to the presence of a NEET, but with different attitudes towards a NEET son and a NEET daughter. Therefore, NEETs matter, as does their gender.

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Retirement NEETs Gender Differences


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