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本研究主要對象爲食用蝦仁剝殼,此蝦體經捕獲後須先行凍藏。利用蝦殼與蝦仁肉物理性質差異,設計剝殼滾筒組來達成剝殼目的。剝殼滾筒組由三根橡膠製之剝殼滾筒配合蝦體擠壓裝置等組合而成,組成方式爲一根大擺動滾筒做往復式擺動,其上兩側各有一根小迴轉滾筒做迴轉運動。另於上述三個剝殼滾筒間設計各式擠壓裝置,以期將蝦殼與蝦肉鬆脫,並使蝦體擠向滾筒間之夾縫中,達到剝殼之目的。經試驗發現,利用設計之凹輪式擠壓輪帶組進行剝殼時,其效果顯著。紅蝦收率爲39.8%,完整率爲82.4%,剝殼率爲91.2%,作業能力爲每小時每條剝殼線處理中蝦原料32公斤;劍蝦收率爲43.5%,完整率爲80.3%,剝殼率86.2%,作業能力爲每小時29.2公斤;厚殼蝦收率爲42.1%,完整率85.3%,剝殼率94.4%,作業能力爲每小時32公斤中蝦原料,且剝殼後蝦仁型態完整,合乎冷凍加工廠業者要求。利用機器進行剝殼,蝦體置於常溫下僅約30分鐘,蝦仁的鮮度極佳,可保障消費者食用衛生與安全。 剝殼過程中蝦體內的蝦漿會黏附於剝殼滾筒上,使剝殼滾筒面變爲光滑,減少摩擦係數,剝殼效果因而降低,爲此於剝殼滾筒組下方兩側各設置有一螺旋式清洗毛刷,以清洗滾筒表面黏附的蝦漿,並解決因蝦漿黏附於滾筒上使剝殼效果下降之問題。


蝦剝殼機 滾筒

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This research was to develop a shelling machine for frozen shrimps. The shells of shrimps can be separated from the meat body mechanically by their physical tissues after being frozen. Based on the different properties of the tissues, the shelling action was accomplished by using a three-rubber-roller set fabricated with a squeezing device on the surface of rollers. The shelling machine has been constructed and tested in this study. The overall performance was quite satisfactory. The Dali shrimp, for example, was found as high as 39.8% in its yield, 82.4% in complete rate and 91.2% in shelling ratio, with a process capacity of 32 kg an hour for the medium grade. Tests also showed for Sword shrimps, a capacity of 29.2kg shelled per hour was observed, with 43.5% in yield,80.3% in complete rate and 86.2% in shelling ratio. Similarly, the Curvirostri shrimps can also be processed at 32kg per hour, with 42.1% in its yield, 85.3% in complete rate and 94.4% in shelling ratio. With the machine, the shelled shrimp meat will be cleaner and even fresher than by the hand shelling method and can be categorized as the high quality product on the market. In this apparatus, a special washing brush was equipped below the roller set to clean the mucus of shrimps, which was generally created from the crashed shrimps and might directly stick on the surface of rollers during the shelling process. The mucus left on the roller will eventually reduce the shelling performance since the friction at surface will decrease and the coming shrimps cannot pass the rollers smoothly.

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