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Development of an automatic tray loading/unloading maching for rice seedlings


本研究目的旨在研發一台秧苗箱自動卸取機,利用空中輸送機做為載具,進行秧苗箱自動排放及收集作業。入苗時,苗箱由輸送帶運送至綠化場,經由卸取機自動地將苗箱依序排放於田間。出苗時,卸取機自動地將苗箱從綠化場取出,經由輸送帶運送至捲苗機,進行自動捲苗,再運送至卡車上,進行出貨,如此整個育苗搬運可達到自動化作業目的。 卸取機之動力源為馬達,整套系統利用機械元件作動,作業穩定度高,故障少。採用可程式控制器進行自動控制,可自動感測苗箱的運送狀態,來自動調整皮带的輸送速度,藉此達到較高的作業效率。每畦的苗箱列數及畦溝的寬度,可依作業方式不同,而改變設定。試驗結果顯示:卸取機在綠化場進行淹灌時,亦能同時作業,卸箱作業每小時可完成約954箱;取箱作業每小時則可高達1,137箱。


秧苗 搬運 卸箱 取箱

Parallel abstracts

The objective of this study was to develop an automatic loading/unloading machine for rice seedlings, which rides on the top of transport gantry. The machine can orderly/continuously lays down the seeded trays, via conveyors, on the nursery field for the later field hardening procedure and also pick up the grown ones to the loading conveyor in sequence when the seedlings are ready for transplanting. In additions, by linking this prototype to a parallel development of a machine that can automatically roll up the seedling mat and combine three rolls in one tray, the whole system can be run automatically in an open field for seedling preparation. This machine is driven by motors for movement, with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to process the sequential control. For saving the tray conveying time, the programmable frequency converters are used to alter the speeds of conveyors at either high or low speed mode. The operation patterns also can be changed by farmers, including number of rows per ridge, number of trays per row and furrow width. The experimental results show that the system can acquire a high stability for operations and the machine also works smoothly while the field processes the irrigation. Consequently, the system performs about 885 trays/h for tray-unloading operations and 1,137 trays/h for tray-loading operations.