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Does the Perceived Safety of Light Cigarettes Make Smokers Inhale Deeper and Draw Smoke into Their Lungs?


目標:本研究為進一步驗證認知淡菸較不影響健康對淡菸吸得更深或吸入肺中決策的影響。方法:建立抽淡菸吸得更深和吸入肺中之雙元普羅比模式(bivariate probit model),使用「民國91年台灣地區國民健康促進知識、態度與行為調查」中1,900位淡菸吸菸者之社經背景與抽菸特性資料進行分析。結果:研究發現有43.1%的淡菸吸菸者認為抽淡菸較不影響身體健康。認知淡菸較不影響健康而對淡菸吸得更深及吸入肺中的比例分別為4.63%及81.22%。抽淡菸且認知淡菸較不影響健康者之年輕人、高中與大學或以上學歷者及重度吸菸者會增加淡菸吸得更深之機率,而年長者會增加淡菸吸入肺中的機率。結論:基於抽淡菸較不影響健康的認知下,抽淡菸者會增加將菸吸得更深或吸入肺中的機率。有鑑於此,政府在菸品管理政策上應禁止廠商使用淡菸、低焦油或其他可能使人誤認淡菸無害健康或危害輕微的文字及標示,以避免戒菸及重度上癮者視抽淡菸為減少健康傷害之短期策略。

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Objectives: This study sought to verify whether the erroneous assumption, smoking light cigarettes is relatively healthy and safe, makes light cigarette smokers inhale deeper and draw the smoke into their lungs. Methods: To establish a bivariate probit model of depth of inhalation and the prevalence of inhaling deeper and drawing the smoke into their lungs among light cigarette smokers, we analyzed the model by using socioeconomic background and smoking characteristic data from 1,900 light cigarette smokers in the ”Survey of the Health Promotion Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of Taiwan Citizens,” which was conducted in 2002. Results: This study showed that 43.1% of the enrolled light cigarette smokers regarded ”light cigarettes” as less harmful to their health in comparison with regular cigarettes. Among those with the perception of light cigarettes being less harmful to health, 4.63% and 81.22% respondents tended to inhale deeper and draw the smoke into their lungs, respectively. Those who were younger, those with higher levels of education (at least high school graduates), and heavily addicted smokers tended to inhale deeper. The elderly population tended to draw the smoke into their lungs. Conclusions: With the perception of being less harmful to their health, light cigarette smokers tended to inhale deeper or draw the smoke into their lungs. The government's tobacco management policies should prohibit cigarette manufacturers from using ”light cigarettes,” ”low tar,” or other text or markings that may mislead people into believing that smoking light cigarettes is not hazardous or only a minor health risk. Taking this action may preclude heavily addicted smokers and smokers who want to quit from believing that smoking light cigarettes is a short-term strategy for reducing health hazards.


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