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The Changes in the Thinking of Keeping in Good Health from "Laozi's Annotations from QinHan during the War Period



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Hanfei's ”Explanation of Laozi” and ”Analogy of Laozi” and Yanzun's ”Principles of Laozi,” ”Laozi's Heshanggong Annotation” and ”Annotation of Laozi Xianger” are the present existing ”Laozi” annotations from QinHan during the War Period. This article is aimed to use the three aspects of ”Taoism,” the physical orientation, and keeping in good health to discuss the thoughts of preserving the health from ”Laozi” annotations. In Taoism, Hanfei uses reason to explain Taoism and adopts the tradition of the mental status explaining Taoism. ”Principles of Laozi,” ”Laozi's Heshanggong Annotation” and ”Annotation of Laozi Xianger” greatly absorbs the mental status from cosmology to enrich the annotations in Taoism from ”Laozi.” Among them, ”Annotation of Laozi Xianger” even makes Taoists become deities and views Laozi as God. In the physical orientation, Hanfei arranges the ”body” in the political and social structure. Therefore, keeping in good health, he says, is in fact to achieve the wisdom and further avoid the disaster and protect the body by preserving the mental status. ”Principles of Laozi,” ”Laozi's Heshanggong Annotation” and ”Annotation of Laozi Xianger” all arrange the body in the mental status process of the natural universe. Therefore, keeping in good health from these three annotations emphasizes how people preserve their health and increase their longevity. In the study of keeping in good health, ”Principles of Laozi,” especially emphasizes the quietness and the inaction of the preternatural instead of the method of preserving the mental status. Besides emphasizing the quietness of the deity, ”Laozi's Heshanggong Annotation” even emphasizes the flavor, clearing the internal organs of the body in general, and the method of using the mental status. ”Annotation of Laozi Xianger” chiefly adopts ”Taoism warnings” to regulate Taoists in their lives. That is, the evil thinking in the minds must be rid of. Do more good things and control the gender desires. In this way, people can preserve their mental status and live long. After discussing the thoughts of keeping healthy from ”Laozi” annotations in QinHan during the War Period, we can find that the later works show more mysteries and skill operations in the thinking of preserving good health.



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