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The Clustering Analysis of Hakka Food via Grey Statistics Analysis

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In Taiwan, the Hakka population constitutes approach 20 percentage of the total population. Hence, Hakka cuisine has become quite popular in this country, and through the cuisine experts’ experiences and their unique integration, let the people who live in Taiwan can enjoy lots of famous Hakka dishes. Nowadays, with the progress of economic and civilization, people are no more interested in cheap and large dishes. People in general now prefer to eat food in multi-directions, which include economy, healthy, food characteristics, material and nutrition. Therefore, the study uses grey statistics analysis as a mathematical method for analysis, and to analyze ten popular dishes recommended by Hakka cuisine experts, which are 1. Pork intestines with sliced ginger in spicy and sour sauce; 2. Sautéed pork and squid with dried turnip and garlic, Hakka style; 3. Sautéed pork with dried pickles cabbage, 4. Fried Hakka noodle with chives oil; 5. Dried bamboo pig knuckle; 6. Orange sauce while chicken; 7. Steam pork with vegetable; 8. Chicken with herb; 9. Hakka salty dumpling and 10. Preserved white radish omelette, Hakka style. And the analysis factors include economy, healthy, food characteristics, material and nutrition. Through the grey statistics analysis, we not only can get the clustering among the multi-directions in Hakka food, but also lay a foundation for future quantitative study of dishes.

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