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Optimization of Flow in Microbial Fuel Cells: An Investigation into Promoting Micro-Mixer Efficiency with Obstacle

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An important obstacle to overcome in the advancement of microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology is to improve the efficiency of the micro-channel and micro-mixer components in a MFC system. Through the use of a commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator, this project analyzed three passive Y-type micro-mixer designs and collected data pertaining to velocity, pressure drop, and performance flow efficiency. Various factors considered in this study include inlet aspect ratios and varying inlet Reynolds ratios. When the micro-mixers were investigated, the introduction of mixing cylinders inside the micro-mixer increases mixing efficiency but also raises the pressure drop. In addition, the flow mixing would be enhanced with a lower Aspect ratio and a larger inlet Reynolds ratio. The side wall effect and shear stress would offer a positive effect on flow mixing. The concept of the cylinders embedded in the flow channel would be applied to MFCs for improvement of power performance.