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Adult Dysphagia Evaluation Practices of Speech and Language Therapists in Taiwan: Clinical Swallowing Examination Decision-Making and Instrumental Examination



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The purpose of this survey study was to obtain a comprehensive view of the adult dysphagia evaluation practice patterns of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in Taiwan, specifically in terms of (1) core components, decision-making on certain components of clinical swallowing examination (CSE), and the condition of data-based support, and (2) availability, execution and factors of utilization of swallowing instrumental examination. SLPs who were certified SLPs in Taiwan, had more than one year of clinical experience, and had been providing services to individuals with dysphagia in the past year in Taiwan were recruited to fill out a self-administered survey. A total of 155 questionnaires were returned. Results indicated that there were 13 core components of CSE, and 69.2% of them had valid diagnostic performance. Reasons of using components of CSE were clinical experiences (82.4%), education and training (78.1%), and evidence support (58.1%). As for the instrumental examination, 49.7% of SLPs had access to swallowing instrumental examination. There were six pairs of background and practice patterns variables with significant correlation and valid effect size, such as workplace versus access to swallowing instrumental examination. The study obtained a comprehensive view of adult dysphagia evaluation practice patterns of SLPs in Taiwan which can be used as a reference for medical and educational training institutions.


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