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The Effectiveness of Implementing Gender Equality Education Program for Indigenous Girls in Tribal Primary Schools



Parallel abstracts

The purpose of this study was to develop a gender equality education program for indigenous girls to explore the effectiveness of improving gender equality awareness and sex knowledge. Action study was applied in the study. Based on the learning thematic and literacy of gender equality education, the indigenous culture was integrated into the KVP model to design and implement this program. The mixed-age teaching was conducted with 12 fourth- and fifth-grade girls from the Truku tribe primary school in Xiulin Township, Hualien, who received a total of 18 lessons and 720 minutes of program teaching. The data which included teaching videos, study sheets, questionnaires, and interviews, used descriptive statistics and qualitative process to analyze. The result of the study was that the indigenous girls learned to understand the influence of the weaving women culture on the formation of sex/gender identity, the knowledge of sex/gender equality during adolescence, and the love for self and respect for others are true love. The girls were extremely satisfied with this teaching program, showing that their favorable teaching interventions were multiple teaching activities, opportunities for group discussion and sharing, and the teacher's providing sex knowledge and practicing communication skills based on their questions raised.


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