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Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome as the Cause of Dizziness: A Rare Case Report



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Beauty parlor syndrome, which is related with vertebral-basilar artery insufficiency, occurs when the neck is bent backwards over a sink during a shampoo, which may result in damage to the blood vessels in the neck and interrupt the blood flow to the brain, potentially causing a stroke. Dizziness can be caused by ”beauty parlor stroke syndrome,” which is confirmed by taking a detailed history and an objective oto-neurological finding, but not necessarily by an image study. A 74-year-old man complained that he was always bothered by dizziness after a beauty parlor shampoo. Duplex ultrasonogram showed that head hyperextension decreased the blood flow of the both vertebral arteries. When symptomatic, his electronystagmogram appeared abnormal. A magnetic resonance angiogram, however, showed an absence of bilateral posterior communicating arteries and stenosis of the right intracranial vertebral artery. These findings confirmed that his dizziness was caused by beauty parlor stroke syndrome. Aspirin was recommended for long-term use, and it was recommended that neck support be used when during a salon shampoos. On three-month follow-up, he was found to have not recurrence of dizziness.